Woodstovck Beat Poet

They, who were known as the Beat Poets, or Jazz Poets, were the fathers and mothers of most of the poetry and many of the songs that have been written, performed and sung for the last generation. We are all the Inheritors of their Crazy Wisdom and Electric Words and Rhythms. Andy, as an intimate friend and colleague of most of the people synonymous with the genre, has been thrilling and agitating audiences for decades. I found my public voice only recently, but the blood of the renegade has always inhabited my work. Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso et al spoke a new language, brought many truths out of the darkness of Victorian suppression, helped give voice to a Post Nuclear understanding of the world. For as long as free thought and speech exist, Beat Lives.
~ Pamela Twining

Beat had a birth. It was not a literary style. It, like its sibling, Be-Bop, was an attitude. It was a moment for renegade imagination, for freedom from cultural, sexual, religious, government shackling. Imitation was frowned upon. “Find your own Voice!” was the motto du jour. I testify on my friendship with Allen Ginsberg, Ray Bremser, Janine Pommy Vega, Gregory Corso and all others - that Pamela and I are not neo- or baby- or after-Beats, but a sustaining part of a living tradition, alive in us and in others, in Woodstock and many other places on earth. As far as the Beat Generation goes – I’ll go with Regeneration. This is the real stuff you heard about. I guarantee it.
~ Andy Clausen


Andy Clausen and Pamela Twining are available for performance at your Event, either singly or together;

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