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Andy Clausen on You Tube

'Home of The Blues'

Neal Cassady was a man

'Home of the Taj'

'I Hear You'

'The Doctor is in the House'

'Unexplained Hard On'

'The Coming Froms'

What Fred Said'

Shivaratri Time in Old Hardwar

Saturday Night Fights

Ginsberg, Corso and me

The Deconstruction of an Erection


Pamela Twining on You Tube

crushed pearls

'Every Woman'

'Portrait of an Honest Man' (For Andy Clausen)

'Bald Eagle Woman's Medicine Song'

'What Was The Question'

Live at Harmony Music

Poems / Blog Online

Pamela Twining Intervew Blues GR "Notes From The Front"

Notes From The Front

Cosmic Legends

Pamela Twining Blogspot


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