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Pamela Twining
“The poetry of Pamela Twining is both the call for and the response of the awakened spirit, receiving and releasing the light of renewal.” - Chris Wood  

Books & Publications

published in Vol 1 Issue 1 and Vol 1 Issue 3 of Heyday! Magazine
Vol 51 Big Scream; Vol 52 Big Scream
Napalm Health Spa 2013; Long Poem Masterpieces of the Post Beats
“utopians & madmen” dancinFool! press 2012

i have been a river by pamela twining

chapbooks: “i have been a river…” Heyday! Magazine Press 2011
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A Thousand Years of Wanting
“A Thousand Years of Wanting” Shivastan Press 2013


I was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the middle of the last century, to a melting pot American family with early settler roots, as well as a Native American connection that no one ever discussed. I was always a poet, my first efforts published only in elementary school journals, but my sonnet “Neveah”, written at 16, was honored with a scholarship to a six week poetry workshop in Washington DC. An early poem, “Rejoice! The Second Coming!” was performed at Regina High School in Hyattsville, MD, with orchestration and conducted by prominent Philippine composer, Rosendo E. Santos, professor of music at the Catholic University.

I left school to travel, raise children and live off-the-grid on an organic farm, always finding time to write, though I only started reading my work in public in 2010. During the 1990s, I attended Vassar College on a scholarship received from the Ford Foundation, using poetry as a voice for a Women’s Studies discipline. A long poem “The Rape of Humankind: a Conspiracy Theory”, after William Blake, was used as the subject of a Graduate thesis on Blake, at the request of the professor.

Most of the past years were spent “inhaling”, as it were. And in 2009, my children raised, my parents no longer in need of me, I began to read my work at Open Mics and was soon a Featured performer. My first chapbook, “i have been a river…” was published by Heyday Press in 2011, followed by “utopians & madmen”, DancinFool Press, in 2012 and “A Thousand Years of Wanting” by Shivastan Press in 2013. My work has also appeared in Big Scream #51 and Big Scream #52, Heyday Magazine, Vol 1, Issue 1 and Vol 1, Issue 3, and Napalm Health Spa 2013, the annual magazine of the Museum of American Poetics.

I have appeared with beat legends Andy Clausen and Antler, Jeff Poniewacz, Poet Laureate of Milwaukee, Anne Waldman, George Wallace, and others on stages in Detroit, Milwaukee, Boulder, Denver and Ward CO, and in New York City, as well as Albany and my home of over 40 years, Woodstock, NY.

I am currently working on a long piece, a memoir in poetic form. I am also one of the organizers of the Janine Pommy Vega Poetry Festival, held annually in Woodstock at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum.

“Over the years {Pamela) has developed a very personal style, sometimes tender and lyrical, sometimes brutally frank, resonating with the wisdom of her partially Native American heritage.” Sylvie Degiez

“Pamela Twining describes and illuminates the wonders of the Life she loves, the beauty of the land and its sentient beings. Her words dance, exalting Dance itself. She melds the erotic and the cosmic, joining with Occupy, joining with Native American tradition and aspirations, partnering with the Beats in her expressiveness and eclecticism.”
Andy Clausen



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“The poems remind me of Whitman, DiPrima, Emily D out of the attic, JP Vega, Lenore Kandel, traditional native American campfire verse, the Virasaiva and Sufi poets, Hafiz in particular.” Lee Buliay

“After hearing this poetry, I’ve learned something new about Desire.” Reed Bye

“Reading Pamela is to understand. To dance. To hunger. Beneath this pageant, we are at once young and ancient, brave, fearful, and victorious. Thank you for your patient gaze and clear reporting.” Marc Black

“I think the room actually began to quiver & shake from the sonic force {Pamela Twining) created!!” ~ Eero Ruuttila


Andy Clausen and Pamela Twining are available for performance at your Event, either singly or together;
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