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Andy Clausen and Pamela Twining are available for performance at your Event, either singly or together;
contact: booking@woodstockbeatpoet.com

t your Event, either singly or together; contact booking@

We are  "true heart son of Allen Ginsberg" Andy Clausen and his talented writer partner Pamela Twining. We're hitting the road this summer for the Beat Revival Tour -- bringing dynamic live poetry to audiences large and small starting from our home in Woodstock, NY.  Destination - San Francisco. We have a July 5th reading at the Art House Gallery with Pagan Neil, at Moe's Books on the 9th with Bruce Isaacson, and a July 16th reading at The Beat Museum, Andy with with A. D. Winans. We plan stops along the way to experience poetry communties large and small.
So far we have readings set in St. Louis, Boulder, Denver, & Ward Colorado,  San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, & Willets CA. We're arranging new dates right now and plan to visit open mics in North Beach, Santa Cruz, and maybe Chicago and Detroit. 
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We'll be on the road from 6/28 to 8/2! We aim to raise enough to 
• Keep Goldie the Toyota Corolla running and the road moving under us. So oil, gas, tolls & in-transit repairs -  $800
• The occasional  motel room. Mostly we'll be camping and staying with folks but we figure we'll need at least 8 motel stays (one a week) -  $800
• We plan to prep our own meals while camping and use grocery stores a lot, but some meals out will be needed. We estimate one a day. $1200.
All the money received will go to bare bones needs while on the road. Beyond that, we hope to sell books at readings, and a few of the gigs pay a small stipend. Because we do sort of want to be tourists a little bit too.

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A - NY


NYC Record Release Party
(bob kaufman's birthday)

penny arcade - andy clausen - steve dalachinsky
tom diventi - bob feldman - alan kaufman
tsaurah litzsky - kaye mcdonough - robert morgan - valery oisteanu - yuko otomo - ilka scobie - danny shot - tate swindell - carl watson and more

Saturday April 18 2015
A Tribute to Jack Micheline








Pamela Twining’s

Chosen for the 2013 Special Edition
of Napalm Health Spa

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Weds. Dec. 3, 14 2014    
Weds. December 3, 2014
7:30 pm

Caffè Lena ~ Saratoga, NY

open mic sign up 7 pm
Sunday September 14 2014
Andy Clausen &
Pamela Twining
with Cosmic Legends


Sept 14, 2014
4 pm

The Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston St.
open mic
2 drink minimum

August 11, 2014
8:00 PM

Harmony Music
@ Wok n Roll
Open reading; sign up 7:30 pm
August 2014    

Harmony Poetry Presents
with Cosmic Legends’
Sylvie Degiez

June 2014    

April 18, 2014
  March 2014
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